Our habitat inspires our teachers and nurtures the growth within our students. We provide a space for love and empowerment through Yoga and Wellness.
— The Healing Habitat

We began...

                    with a want for more. A vision of what more looked like, felt like for ourselves as teachers and for our students. There is more to life than our work  and home life, there is individuality and soulfulness that at times we loose touch with. There is more to Yoga than just the physical practice, and yes we still want that, a strong and functional body is what supports and empowers us, but there is just so much more. There is Yin Yoga that fully expresses classical asana and Meditation that heightens our understanding of "self". There is more to teaching than just auditory instruction, there is heart-felt connection and energetic exchange. 

There is more to a students journey in yoga than a slimming body, there is transformation into the self that is grounded, embraced and calm.There is a space that provides more than what students think they want, because as Wellness Leaders we should guide our students and expose their curiosities to more than what they believe is needed.

 The Healing Habitat is a boutique Yoga and Wellness studio who believes in providing more than just Yoga, but holistic experiences, Meditation, Essential Oil classes, energy healing, educational community movie nights and a diverse schedule of Yoga styles. Welcome to Wellness, welcome to The Healing Habitat.