Power Vinyasa

(85-90 degree heated class)


A heated class inspired by Baron Baptiste and his "Journey into Power" sequencing style. Designed to strengthen, support and improve an athletic practice. This is an ALL level practice but we strongly suggest those that have never experienced Yoga before to explore the Gentle & Essential Vinyasa classes first.


Essential Vinyasa

(80-85 degree heated class with diffused Essential oils)


Essential Vinyasa classes offer a warm, therapeutic experience with the healing nature of DoTerra essential oils while your breathe and flow. Steady paced, this healing practice promotes and improves deep and fluid prana. A little less rigorous than Power Vinyasa and a little more movement than Gentle Flow, this warm class is for those new/newer to a Vinyasa style of practice or needing to boost their immune system during the seasonal changes. Any questions or concerns regarding which oils will be used, send us an email or ask us at the front desk.


Gentle Flow

(warm class)


A gentle warm class to help release and restore our healing bodies. We should never feel trapped in our bodies, nor should age, injury or lack of strength or flexibility be the excuse we use to justify our pain or immobility. Hands on adjustments, individualized care and props to support each body. 


Express Vinyasa

(85-90 Degree Heated Class)


A 45 minute Vinyasa class with the optional use of light ankle weights. This unique style of practice will challenge the student while at the same time help to strengthen the core and transitions in flow. Accessible to all levels of practice but we suggest those new to yoga to explore Gentle or Essential Vinyasa first. 


Yoga & Pilates Fusion flow


A specialized hour long class that combines Pilates and Yoga, designed to strengthen the core, increase flexibility, stimulate internal organs and detoxify the body.

Habitat Workshops


We are SO honored by the talented and truly inspiring Yoga and Wellness leaders who come to us here at The Healing Habitat each month. These specialized Workshops are lead by highly trained and educated professionals, allowing us to grow in our understanding of the complexity of the practice. Classes will be limited in size, so do sign up early!