Survey Community Feedback

Each month we reconnect with our students to ask for anonymous feedback on how it is that we are doing, what we can do to improve their experience and what it is that they would like to see more of. Here are some words that have touched our hearts and encourage the work we do. 

The balance that it brings to my life. It’s like entering a different world when in the studio.
I feel a part of things, not a number.
The instructors are highly qualified & I always learn something new when I attend a class
I love how truly appreciated and cared for each member feels. If we need extra support physically or emotionally, the instructors are there to assist. I also love how classmates nurture and support each other. It is a beautiful thing.
The yoga teachers are absolutely amazing at The Healing Habitat, and they genuinely care about their students who practice there. The community is amazing and I have met so many amazing people. The Healing Habitat is my favorite yoga studio I have ever been to!
I love the assists and the one on one interaction you supply. The oils are really nice too.
I LOVE the amazingly warm, welcoming and supportive community that this studio is home to. A really special space!
I love the workshops that include more than just the typical asana.
Thank you for sharing your love of yoga with the community!
I look forward to many more yoga practices here to deepen my own yoga practice and journey.
I really love how I am learning a mind- body- breath connection- I feel like I am home when I walk through the door - never once did I feel I was entering a business!