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The Healing Habitat...

is a boutique yoga and wellness studio based in Palmyra, PA and founded by Emilie Charlotte and her husband, Daniel Mayo. We focus on the quality of each students experience and the heartfelt instruction from our Instructors. The Healing Habitat regards its Instructors as leaders in their field, whose connection and focus on the student is of the highest priority. We promote love and positivity and have created a space for education, acceptance and growth. 

Our studio is a beautiful space, offering heated and non heated classes, meditation and a garden to find a moments solace in before returning to your daily rituals. We proudly offer Prenatal, Holistic practices and specialized workshops for those wishing to further their practice and body of knowledge. 

Sunday, August 26th @ 8:30am
Power Vinyasa canceled due to Studio Team Building and Continued Education.
Please enjoy a home practice!



New Instructor: Teresa Rower (aka T)

It is with great excitement that we welcome T to our family of wonderful instructors here at The Healing Habitat! 

T's teaching style is a fusion of mindful energy movement, anatomical alignment cues, vinyasa flow, and whole person health. She strives to empower students of all levels to grow and transform.

T believes that "Yoga is not just stretching or exercising on a mat ....With regular practice, yoga is transforming."

Read more about T on our Family page...


Create Karma's Playcation Takes Over Lancaster!!

Saturday, August 24 @ 11am-2pm - FREE

Join us for a day of play! Great for kids age four to one-hundred-and-four.

All mammals play - it's great for our bodies and minds, it's one of the most productive ways to learn, it creates connection, and it's just pure fun! Whether you play your way through life and want some new games, or if you want to rekindle your playful spark, Playcation is a day for you. And it's FREE!

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Arm Balances with Andrew Abaria

Saturday, July 14th @ 12-1:30pm
(all level)
$25 Single/ $40 Double Workshop Pass

Andrew will lead the class through a playful and sweaty 90 minute arm balance focused workshop.  We will explore how asanas like bakasana and lolasana are the "gateway" poses to other arm balances, and use the strength we build in those asanas to help us execute more advanced hand balancing.  Unlock your potential and learn to fly!

Inversions with Andrew Abaria

Saturday, July 14th @ 3 - 4:30pm (all-level)
$25 Single/ $40 Double Workshop Pass

In this 90 minute workshop, we will cover key strategies to help us float and fly in handstand and other advanced inversions.  We will go over true core activation, shoulder girdle stability, pelvic stacking, and other physiological principles that will unlock your potential and help you go upside down with more confidence and ease.


Movement, Meditation & Sound Healing

Sunday, July 15th, 8:30-10pm
$25  Early Bird/ $30 after July 10th

E-RYT Connie Magee chills us out with a grounding Vinyasa Flow, guided meditation and deliciously long sound bath with gong, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, drums and mantra.  

Connie is a VA-based yogi and healer, with 9 years experience. Her life and yoga training in NYC, as well as world travel, offer eclectic perspectives that she weaves into fun and informative vinyasa flow.  She is an experienced bodyworker, Wilderness EMT and acupuncture student, so be prepared to learn some body science while we flow, then surrender to bliss during savasana.  Pranayama & mantra throughout.