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It began with a want for more. I looked around at my surroundings and asked myself, "How do we view Yoga as a society? How has Yoga transformed my life and how can I share with others what has truly captivated so many..." What lies on the surface of a Yoga practice is similar to looking out at the most enchanting landscape, but never stepping outside to explore. There is a want for more, and this Studio space provides just that. 

There is more to life than our work and home life, there is personal time that is sacred and soulfulness that grounds us and these qualities of life are the ones that we tend to loose touch with. There is more to Yoga than just the physical practice.  Yes, a strong and functional body is what supports and heals and strengthens us, but there is transformation that empowers us as the internal fire catches light. 


  There is more to teaching than just robotic auditory instruction, there is heart-felt connection and energetic exchange between teacher and student that is supportive and kind and uplifting. There is a space that provides more than what students anticipate recieving because they may already feel so full and whole, but as Wellness Leaders we enjoy guiding our students and exposing their curiosities to the zest and simplicities of life. 

 The Healing Habitat is a boutique Yoga and Wellness studio who believes in providing more. Welcome to wellness, welcome to The Healing Habitat. 

- Emilie Charlotte, Founder



Upcoming Workshops & Quick-Link Registration


Christmas Eve Candlelit Vinyasa

Monday, December 24th @ 6 - 7:30pm

$25 - 1.5 hour Candlelit Vinyasa Special Class

IMG_0839 2.JPG

Our First Birthday!

Friday, November 30th @ 7:30-9:30pm


Winter Solstice Glowga

Friday, December 21st @ 7 - 8:30pm

$30 - Includes all body paint and supplies!

sanskrit yogasana tues.png

Joy Riley Introduces “Sanskrit Yogasana Series”

(3 month Yoga Series: Sanskrit Lead Asana & Pranayama Series)

- Tuesdays @ 6pm


Autumn Alignment & Release Workshop!

Saturday, November 3rd @ 7-9pm


Private Sound & Meditation Session w/ Connie McGee

Private sessions available:

Saturday, November 3rd @

- 11am-12pm

- 12:30- 1:30pm

- 2- 3pm

- 3:30- 4:40pm

Glowga studio.jpg

Halloween Black-Light Glowga

- wear white so the black lights make you glow!
- body paint included

-Halloween night: Wednesday, October 31st @7-8:30pm


Festive Autumn Ceramic Home-Decor Workshop

Seasonal Habitat Series: Autumn

November 4th & 11th

Mommy & Me @ 3-4:30pm

Adult@ 5-6:30pm

doterra oils class.jpg

DōTERRA Essentials 101 Class

Bring a notebook and pen & if you wish to purchase oils to bring home, you will leave with orders on their way to you!

Thursday, October 18th @ 7- 8pm
FREE Community Class





Part 2 Advanced Asana Series

@ The Healing Habitat

- Sunday, September 30th @ 11-12:30am

($25 or $40 both)


Not-So-Basic-Basics Workshop w/ Emilie &Alexis

- Sunday, September 16th @ 10-11:30am

($30 w/ manuals)


Private Reiki Session w/ Rickie Freedman @ The Healing Habitat

- Saturday, September 29th @ 10:45- 4:!5pm

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 7.31.00 PM.png

Part 1 Advanced Asana Workshop w/ Andrew Abaria

- Thusday, September 20th @ 7-8:30pm

($25/ $40 both)

Our habitat inspires our teachers and nurtures the growth within our students. We provide a space for acceptance, love and development through Yoga and Wellness.
— The Healing Habitat