Our Studio Wellness Library

This library is for our community to enjoy. We pride ourselves on continued education through Yoga & Wellness and so with that we grow in what we offer to you all. Within our Library, you will find books on Anatomy, Meditation, Alignment, Poetry, Philosophy and Therapy. Please enjoy reading from our Library in-studio so that all books are available to everyone always...
— The Healing Habitat
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The Book Of Awakening - Having the Life You Want by Being Present in the Life You Have

Written by Mark Nepo

Recommended by Amber Estep

"Philosopher-poet and cancer survivor, Mark Nepo opens a new season of freedom and joy--an escape from deadening, asleep-at-the wheel sameness--that is both profound and clarifying. His spiritual daybook is a summons to reclaim aliveness, liberate the self, take each day one at a time, and to savor the beauty offered by life's unfolding. Reading his poetic prose is like being given second sight, exposing the reader to life's multiple dimensions, each one drawn with awe and affection. The Book of Awakening is the result of his journey of the soul and will inspire others to embark on their own. Nepo speaks of spirit and friendship, urging readers to stay vital and in love with this life, no matter the hardships. Encompassing many traditions and voices, Nepo's words offer insight on pain, wonder, and love. Each entry is accompanied by an exercise that will surprise and delight the reader in its mind-waking ability."