Our Studio Wellness Library

This library is for our community to enjoy. We pride ourselves on continued education through Yoga & Wellness and so with that we grow in what we offer to you all. Within our Library, you will find books on Anatomy, Meditation, Alignment, Poetry, Philosophy and Therapy. Please enjoy reading from our Library in-studio so that all books are available to everyone always...
— The Healing Habitat
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The Book Of Awakening - Having the Life You Want by Being Present in the Life You Have

Written by Mark Nepo

Recommended by Amber Estep

"This book is an absolute must have for those of us on the path inwards. It is aptly titled the book of awakening because it reveals itself to you as you are ready to receive it.  It shifts the way you see both the world around you and the world within you. As you go through it, day by day, some passages will speak to you, and others will not. But as this cycle of continues through the years you will find that old passages, previously glanced over, will suddenly be wrought with newfound meaning and insight.  You will wonder how you could have possibly missed such profound wisdom not realizing that the passage now speaks to you because you have grown into it-- it is but another petal unfurling into bloom on the path to your own awakening. It is a book I give as a cherished gift to others to help guide them on their journey inwards.  My own copy is riddled with highlights and pen markings, dog eared corners, crinkled pages and asterisks and it is one of my most beloved possessions, still revealing itself to me as I am ready to receive it." - AE