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3 Part Chakra Balancing & Holistic Workshop w/Jordan Francovic

What is Chakra Balancing and why is it important?

Friday Jan 25th @ 6 - 8pm
February 1st @ 6-8pm
February 8th @ 6-8pm

Single $35 (Members $30)
Double $65 (Mem $55)
Triple $85 (Mem $70)

Glad you asked! There are seven energy centers in the body and we call them Chakras. They start at the tailbone and travel the length of the spine, up through to the crown of the head. When the energy in one of these centers is blocked, it can affect your mental and physical state in a very real way, causing a feeling of being unbalanced or "off". Our inner dis-ease can quickly become our external dis-ease. By balancing and maintaining your chakras, these energies can flow openly and work harmoniously to allow you to feel your best, inside and out.

Our 3 Part Workshop will take the time to thoroughly explore and educate students on the power of each Chakra as well as incorporate the use of asana postures, mantras, oils, and healing crystals as tools to rebalance as well Our three part Workshop will leave you with all the tools to keep you in check in the New Year.

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